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    Hi there.. I had sent you three different emails from my friends to invite...But not at one swoop...Do I still qualify for a free box? Thank you, Kitty

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    Serpa Barbara1

    I recently received an e-mail advertising that you'll be putting in The Golden Earth 'Miracle Enery' Chakra Oil to your first box. I signed up for the first time in September for the October Yogi Surprise box before this e-mail was sent out. I want to make sure that is included in my package please.
    Also, I was charged 49.95 for the October box. But in the same e-mail it mentions that the price is "All for just $39.96 (10% off). If you guys could adjust the total charged on my card for this October Yogi Surprise it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I would like a total refund.
    Thanks for the help and support.

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    I want to cancel my subscription

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    Margaret Dallos

    I want to change my payment information. Margaret Dallos. Please contact me email so I can give you correct info. You keep telling my current card won't accept the charge.
    It is my debit card. So I will change the card.

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    Hi. I didnt get my june box yet.
    Please could u let me know which is its statement shipment,

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    I want to cancel the 2 membership for Kimberly Hanson @ emails & Thank you!!

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    I have asked TWICE now for a refund and you guys keep billing me and haven't even tried to reach out to me. It's extremely irritating. I CANNOT afford the box anymore and asked last month for a refund!!! My email is

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    Hi! I am trying to access my account, but it is saying that I do not have one, yet I created one and was billed at the beginning of January.

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    Yasmin Bond

    This is my second time trying to cancel my membership and you are still charging me.

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    Sary Torres

    I became a member on July 2017 and have paying For 3 months and still hacer receieved ante packages.

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    Tyra Welms Byrge

    I've been trying to cancel my subscription since last month. You sent 2 more boxes and charged my card without permission and I have proof! I will report you and reach out to the BBB.

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